Coaching Classes

"The most dangerous phrase in the language is "we've always done it this way." Grace Hopper

Coaching Packages


Course materials, Real Estate Business plan evaluation and free monthly webinars. How to quit your job in 21 days…



Novice + Exclusive monthly live training call, 4 deal consulting submissions a month, “5 jugs” wealth building system, financial freedom formula, monthly Live webinar Q & A, Real Estate Business plan competition (winner gets invited to join the Yacht ClubFree)


Yacht Club

Novice and Apprentice + Annual Yacht Club trip, weekly live training and coaching webinar (include: Q & A coaching calls, business building and business growth coaching calls, LIVE case study “training classes” go over students recently closed deals, full run down of their deals), House flip system, House flip business plan, discounted proven marketing materials, Free Cash flow estimator, amortization calculator, loan comparison calculator.


Mentorship Programs

A mentor is great for individuals who want to accelerate financial freedom and want to bypass the mistakes they will make because they’ve already been made by us. When starting something new a mentor to push you when you want to give up or a mentor to call on to keep you accountable is the key to becoming financial free and staying that way. Most financially independent or wealthy individuals have 3-5 mentors for different aspects of their lives.

We would be honored to work with you one-on-one. We work with most mentorship clients over the phone or by video, so you can be located anywhere in the world. We offer both ongoing mentorship and as-needed strategy sessions.

Real estate Marketing or Business Strategy Sessions ~ $300 per 60-minute session.


Focused Mentorship ~ $600 per month for two 60-minute sessions, plus limited email/voice mail and 2 deal submissions.


Strategic Mentorship ~ $925 per month for three 60-minute sessions, plus unlimited email/voice mail and 4 deal submissions.


Intensive Mentorship ~ $3,500 for ten 60-minute sessions over 6 weeks, plus unlimited email/voicemail, unlimited deal submissions and joint ventures on select deals submitted.


VIP Mentorship Day ~ $2,500 for a full day face-to-face in your city of residency.

*For an additional monthly fee you can have access to a personal coach to call.



"Our coaches come from various backgrounds, bankers, sales professionals, mortgage brokers etc and they have been hand-picked for the best quality out there. They all have been vetted so you'll get a great coach/mentor no matter what."


Our mentors are subject specific experts and fully knowledgeable. Experience the benefit of having a real mentor on your team.


All certified coaches with experience, training, and competence needed to help you achieve your most sought after goals.

Master Coach

Master coaches have helped hundreds of clients attain their goals, and a few are top-rated coaches. These coaches will shorten your timeline on reaching your goals, if you're open to listen and let them teach you.