Real Estate Investment Strategies

At Residual Roads we are zealous about real estate and business and education is our staple. Mentoring coupled with strategies are the key components to running a successful real estate investing business. We have built our business on this foundation and our purpose is to share our knowledge, systems and coaching with investors at all levels from aspiring to experienced levels.Our education and systems are designed to expedite the learning curve associated with investing in real estate and running or starting a new business, and reduce the risk and costs associated with the challenges all new business owners and investors come upon.

A huge differentiator between wealthy people and others is that they do not trade their time for money. Truly wealthy people invest in their financial education, start businesses and accumulate assets that do the work to produce income for them. Wealthy people allocate 10% or more of their income to continuing education and this is why we have made it our mission to teach our students young or old how to create/build a business that is not dependent on you exchanging time for money. Look through our educational programs and coaching to learn more about how we can help you as we’ve propelled others.

Mastery Coaching

Making changes in perspective and behavior takes courage and is often difficult to navigate internally. Coaching can help provide insight, self-awareness, strength, accountability along with support.
A path to reach a destination is not attainable if you don't know the direction to which you’re going, you can feel like a boat without an anchor or sail, going in circles. Proactive engagement with a coach/mentor is a way to invest in yourself and also give you the proper direction to reach a desired destination. Most successful people will tell you about or thank a mentor for helping them reach a certain point before they were able to maintain for themselves. Some surveys suggest that 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs utilize business coaching.

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What happens if a home is not built on a solid foundation?Begin your journey with a foundation. We offer three distinct home study courses to lay the base for your real estate goals. Whether you need help acquiring deals and marketing strategies, resources and systems for rehabbing or understanding the complexities of wholesaling contracts, our courses will provide the blueprints for your ideal real estate investing strategy.

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“Education is the Key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

-George Washington Carver