Take Control of Life and Manifest Anything You Put Your Mind to: Business Ownership – Financial Independence - Happiness

You’re here because you want life changes. Maybe you’re tired of working for someone, unhappy with where your life is or want a life like the top 5% earners. It’s not your fault, we’ve all been programmed and conditioned to believe a certain way which those beliefs manifest our physical reality.

The Epitome of The Mindwill reprogram you and teach you how to think, creating your ideal life while helping to achieve your full potential.

The principles and tools we applyhave been used by the most successful and greatest financial achieverssince the beginning of time – I went from homeless on government assistance to a millionaire and CEO of multiple companies, living life on two continents, happy and in the best shape of my life. While creating millionaires in the process teaching these simple principles.

Therefor I developed this Masterclass to teach people how to reprogram their mind and by doing so you manifest the business, life partner, financials, health and lifestyle of your desire. Visions are a picture of your preferred future they aren’t dreams. Epitome of The Mind learners execute the Manifest with Your Mind First strategy. Consider this the only and last step in your journey.

Our Life is a creation of our mind.
This Masterclass is to help...
Uncover Your Expertise

Learn what your purpose is in life by uncovering your value add to society through your expertise and create multiple income streams.

Existing Entrepreneurs

With your expertise and resources generate exponential business growth on autopilot.

Mindset Moves

Program the mind how to think and not what to think so you can maneuver in almost any situation and Manifest the life that you have been waiting for and have envisioned.

Here's everything we'll cover...

In this Masterclass, you will acquire new skills from reframing, shattering limiting beliefs, art of networking, debt elimination, creating multiple income streams,entrepreneurship and much more.

Masterclass includes:
  • Building a business framework from an Entrepreneur Perspective
  • Different Journeys for an Entrepreneur
  • How to eliminate any kind of debt in a limited amount of time and ways to turn debt into monthly Cash Flow
  • Bonus Content: Stock investing – Options contracts vs regular stocks
  • Why and how to generate multiple income streams
  • How to reframe any situation and make it a positive outcome
  • Framework from an Investor Perspective
  • How to make your first million using Other People’s Money (OPM)
  • Bonus Content: Understanding your Internal Representation
  • Return on Investment – Time, Energy and Money
  • Upside of Big Picture Thinking
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Discovering Your Expertise
  • SMART Goals
Masterclass Content:
  • Skill Builder: Creating Your Expertise
  • Bonus Roundtable Lecture: Weekend Specific
  • Knowledge Integration


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A Masterclass Filled With Life Manifesting Strategies & Content:
Masterclass Content:
  • Principles of Success
  • 20+ Hours of Lecture
  • Home study work
  • Guest Speakers/Expert Interviews
  • Supplemental Readings
  • Exercises to further Better health, Prosperity and Happiness
  • Executive Masterclass participants only extra resources (e.g. Investment calculators, Courses, Templates)
  • Mentorship Access
  • Financial Resources for Real Estate investing
  • Free Drinks and Music to Network, pass out business cards, foster financial partners, create lifetime business relationships.

  • Expert Interview Session

    Get access to Guest Speakers with discussing how they found their deals, mistakes they made, lessons learned, mindset moves. as well as an AMA period sharing their insights and do’s and don’ts.

Meet Your Instructors

André Stewart

About the Author

André Stewart was a Banker for 10 years at major banks including; Silicon Valley Bank, Wells Fargo, Wachovia and a Private bank named OneWest Bank in Los Angeles. While in banking he was an advisor to venture capital firms, some of the largest tech company CEOs, most innovative startups worldwide, small-mid size corporations and high net worth individuals. Post banking, he founded the first global real estate investing app that allows people to invest remotely safely and easily.

The app allows users to manage, rent, sell and evaluate using hyperlocal analytics to make remote due diligence and property buying less risky all while connecting users with other investors anywhere in the world.

In addition, the first platform that allows people to buy investment properties using cryptocurrencies.

André Stewart is a Bestselling author and the host of a popular podcast called Investing Uncensored which is distributed on all major listening platforms. He's also a regular contributor on the housing market for USA Today and other national networks.

In 2020 he founded InvestFar Capital which provided $10M in funding for investors to purchase investment properties in the first 13 months of it’s existence. With zero marketing and 1 part-time employee.

With his background as a Certified Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and 15+years in the financial industry, André enables his clients by empowering them financially and setting them on their path to being financially free by creating breakthrough strategies. His methods create new neurological pathways by shattering old limiting belief systems.

André Stewart was nominated for Los Angeles Times CFO & CEO Leadership Award in 2021.

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